PRINCEZNA (minisérie U Korálového moře, detail)
PRINCEZNA (minisérie U Korálového moře, detail)

My new year started generously, even tremendously. Large canvases, portraits with abstract motifs, healing collections,
poetic lyricism and beautiful paradise music. All of this will come with me in this special year.

Portraits with abstract elements

The first paintings in the new year is the miniseries AT THE CORAL SEA. With it comes my new portrait work with abstract motifs, which is the mainstream of PORTRAITURE WORK for this year. The basis is paintings from my various creative periods, their examples can be seen below under the link Portraits and their development. 

Allow me to express my opinion on what is, or rather - what should be the so-called contemporary ABSTRACT CREATION (meaning in painting):

We all probably know how abstract painting works in general. Mostly they are very colorful, even "colorfully splashed / AND ESPECIALLY ELUSIVE, IN ANY WAY / paintings. The author mostly, in my opinion, does not know what he wants to express.
Certain colors come under his hand and he somehow applies them to the canvas. If this is different for someone and there is a clear intention of the composition in advance, then I BOW DEEPLY TO HIM.

Abstract art should certainly have a goal. I would even say: a deep goal. A clear line of ideas of what the canvas should represent must not be missing, as well as a pre-arranged color scale.
This is because, in this case, the author is sure that he will express himself quite clearly in his intention. With abstract painting, I would say that even more than with any (concrete) painting, the author must have a very clear intention. It is more complicated, because due to the "incompleteness" of the whole work, it is more difficult to express the entire author's intention. And I would consider that to be a huge artistic element of the whole painting. A clear intention, goal and a huge additional space for the imagination of the user (viewer) for the whole work, allowing the permeation of his imagination, experiences from past (or other lives) and also a completely logical outcome in the perception of the work as a complex. Thus, a perfect fulfilled artistic experience, leading to certain positive motives in the heart and mind.

H. A.

Ukázka detailu portrétu s abstraktními motivy - HOVORY S MOŘEM ( minisérie U korálového moře)
Ukázka detailu portrétu s abstraktními motivy - HOVORY S MOŘEM ( minisérie U korálového moře)

The works of this contemporary multi-artist are known for their versatility and also for their enormous depth and the many secrets they offer. With each further detailed examination of the perception of these works, new facts come to the surface, moments of experiences, reminders of long-forgotten records of consciousness. Her works are a great force and can lead to the right life path, to where each of us needs to go, and thus be fulfilled.

They are works of great artistic value and harmonizing depth. She considers every work that the author creates to be a miracle. Energy - the fluid that accompanies her artwork is the alpha and omega of her work.

U stromu Moudrosti - Fantazie, 120x180 cm.
U stromu Moudrosti - Fantazie, 120x180 cm.

Large canvases accompanied by smaller canvases

The Comet - Kometa, Harmonizačně-relaxační typ obrazu
The Comet - Kometa, Harmonizačně-relaxační typ obrazu
Space rider - Vesmírný jezdec, Léčivě-terapeutický typ obrazu
Space rider - Vesmírný jezdec, Léčivě-terapeutický typ obrazu

Easter season

During Lent, I brought these three beautiful images to the canvases. They also represent three basic types of artistic and harmonization focus of my work. The paintings follow each other in their theme, capturing the Easter contemplation of a young man who longs to connect to the Universal Guidance for his travels. The right direction is indicated by a flying Comet, which hides deep spiritual meanings associated with the origin of the universe itself. The Cosmic Rider is both a link and a great mirror of deep spiritual meanings throughout man's entire existence. His connection to Christ is evident.

Connection - Napojení, Meditační typ obrazu
Connection - Napojení, Meditační typ obrazu

On Good Friday, the entrance to fairy tales opened up for me.

This is related to the completion of the Deep-Harmonization Paintings with the fairy-tale theme AT THE TWELVE MOONS, which began to emerge at the turn of 2022-2023, and also with a new large musical-visual project for the Paradise Gallery, which touches large areas of family and interfamily ties. The project is called LOVERS FROM VERONA (New Episode). The music has a unique spatial character, we touch on film and theatre in an effort to capture the individual scenes faithfully, both through the concept of the recording and the chosen instruments and subsequent studio post-production. A story in a new concept with a new ending.

Sample demo recording: 

From the Hlubin-harmonization point of view, the new project of Lovers from Verona represents a strong platform for solving family and karmic diseases (so-called diseases of hereditary consequences). At the same time, however, it is also a spark of hope for loving couples who are exposed to great counter-pressure of stress forces that have a completely negative character in an attempt to "break" these couples. The deep-harmonizing effect of the whole project is therefore very extensive,

From an artistic point of view, it is a synthesis of words and music, beautiful lyrics from the author's own production is created especially for this project. The character of the instruments used: keyboards, crystal bowls, glockenspiel, guitars, singing, recitation, scenic musical effects.


  1. Introduction - Overture
  2. Night rain
  3. Bells
  4. Before dawn
  5. At the Tree of Dreams

Collection U DVANÁCTI MĚSÍČKŮ Contains three smaller canvases + one large canvas.

  • At the Twelve Moons, the image to release conscious blocks
  • The bride, the image to release subconscious blocks
  • At the Tree of Dreams, Painting for Etheric Healing of the First Degree
  • Child, Painting for Etheric Healing of the Second Degree