Custom paintings

I literally "embroider" custom-made paintings with saturated acrylic colours on art canvases, which I mostly import from abroad. These are high quality canvases on solid wood frames. Together with the client, I always shape the concept of the entire painting, design motifs and let myself be inspired by the customer's colour idea. Each custom painting has a healing effect on deep subconscious levels due to the special method I use to create the paintings. These original works mature throughout the creation of the work. In its complete form, the entire work of art is connected with the music that I create for the original paintings. At the end of the whole composition, I also propose the type of final framing of the paintings according to the type of painting - colour and also the customer's requirements.

Girls on the beach, H. Antoninova, 100x120 cm, acrylic on linen canvas
Girls on the beach, H. Antoninova, 100x120 cm, acrylic on linen canvas


For the perfect effect of the paintings in room for relaxing harmonization, it is necessary to fine-tune the environment, which with the painting should create a pleasant place for rest, relaxation and gaining new strength. It is important to choose the correct location of the work and also all the appropriate accessories - room scents, flowers, minerals, fountains, etc. If you want to achieve a really excellent balance of the environment where the painting will be located, it is good to prepare the conditions for such a work - choose the ideal paint colour, or wallpaper base of the wall where the picture is going to hang.


Healing paintings from my creating are a living pictorial synthesis of informations. This informations is the experiences of human souls from the record in the universal memory of Love. Paintings created in this way are protective and highly healing. When are placed in a room, they literally transform the environment with their saturated acrylic colours. Harmony and wholeness come with them, mainly thanks to their volume These paintings capture all forms of the displayed record across parallel worlds, contain information and the displayed moment and specific galactic space at the same time in all realities - spiritual, astral, mental and material. Therefore, they are themselves very spatial and multidimensional. When examined in detail, they reveal new information every time - they become an auric mirror because they also have a wide spiritual dimension.

Prices for custom paintings start at $7,000. 

Art on the edge of therapy 

Author of the article: Bc. Ilona Drobíková, DiS. art critic and curator of painting exhibitions. 

At the tree of knowledge - Fantasy, Hany Antoninova, acrylic 120x180 cm.
At the tree of knowledge - Fantasy, Hany Antoninova, acrylic 120x180 cm.

Abuse of sound and color in the past 

"In the history of modern art, we increasingly encounter the efforts of artists to express the depth of their inner self, convey feelings or reflect on the problems of the present time. Yes... art can be a reflection of all these emotional movements. Artists are known for their constant search for something beyond themselves. The desire to capture the elusive in their works... But here I ask? Is the role of art to stir up and convey your emotions to the audience? Is it the aim of art that the viewer leaves the room shaken, full of impressions and, from the point of view of modern artists, awakened? So where is the fine line between using art for therapy? A person tormented by life, full of depression and hopelessness, pours out his emotions on paper or other material under the guidance of a therapist, which he only exudes from the work. In the same way, an expressionist painter in the depths of his studio is looking for a way to express the inexpressible... and so a visit to an exhibition of such works will leave the viewer with a deep feeling. However, he does not leave high. So I ask myself: What is the meaning of art? Burking? Wake up? Point out problems?

NO... in my view, the desire to capture something beyond the artist should be aimed at uplifting the soul and spirit. The work should have positive energy, guide people on the right path and give them hope. Let's take a simple example from sculpture. What is the use of a statue in a person's home that scares them every time they look at it? Her energy spreads into space and does not add to anyone's mood. However, if we place a work in the space from which positive energy spreads by its very existence, it brings a lot of good to its owner. The inhabited space acquires a better atmosphere and thus also the quality of life of the inhabitants. This is not to denigrate the artists, whose works I feel when I see the anguish, which they have managed to squeeze into their work so authentically that the radiator of this pain is valued at auction by many collectors as an original of untold value. However, I differ on this with these advocates of expressiveness in art. The expression of unpleasant feelings should remain hidden from the public. Let it continue to serve as a form of therapy, but it is nothing more in my point of view. An artist's work should show the depth of his soul, his love, humility and knowledge. Every creator should put their best into it in order to elevate the world and become a co-creator of a better future. What do you think? Isn't this the way?

Even ancient philosophers in antiquity connected beauty and goodness. I have to agree with them. Maybe it's time to go back to the roots. To what worked before. What we have already forgotten and raise it to a new level corresponding to today's society. We all have a choice. There is good and evil hidden in each of us, it depends on what we let show through us... and so it is in art as well. I believe that the art of the future will direct people to their inner selves. It will uplift the soul and fill people by its very process. Art has a miraculous power. He can heal. Beautiful music and a beautiful picture can caress the soul and bring a lot of good into our lives. Pythagoras himself already knew about the art of healing with music. It has been forgotten, but this ancient wisdom is just waiting to be reintroduced into our lives and used more. This method was elaborated in detail by Mgr. Hana Antonínová (artistic name Hany Antoninova), a musicologist who developed a detailed system of working with music. She also assigned each tone a colour vibration that corresponds to it, and thus in the twenty-first century, the knowledge of our ancestors blended with the modern methodology that is available to all seekers. The essence of this methodology is simple. The whole universe sounds. Everything is energy that vibrates at a certain frequency... So what does that mean? By choosing the right tones or colours, we can harmonize our environment, treat ourselves and heal our surroundings".