About me

I create products that have a beneficial effect on relationships and human health. I am inspired by old teachings about harmony, but also by completely new currents that have only recently begun to come to our planet.

I specialize in interior design that should be a protected relaxation and harmonization place in your home, studio, study or public space intended for harmonization or relaxation purposes.

The spaces created in this way are very closely related to my artistic work, an important type of original paintings are U"TAILOR-MADE" PAINTINGS. I create these paintings for a specific client and they have a healing character. H.A.

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Creative starting point of the artist

The author Hana Antonínová is very specific. It does not follow any artistic movements. Due to her spiritual nature (she has undergone several transformations), she connects directly to the Universal Consciousness, which sends her messages about what pictures to paint in order to be in harmony with herself.

In meditation, Hana came to the conclusion that she should not study the works of other authors in order not to be influenced by them, but should open herself to the Universal Consciousness. The phenomenon of her works is that she does not know the works of the masters, only retrospectively she sees connections with the work of other authors. He does not use any seated models or photos or other patterns in portrait paintings.

(a word about the author from the curator of her exhibitions)

Hana Antonínová M. A. (artistic name of Hany Antoninova), author of the exclusive method of Deep Harmonization - healing by sound and colour vibrations.

At the beginning of my artistic development and career as a painter and art designer was the desire to make the world a more beautiful place.

With my paintings and original design, I try to do this every day.

I will be inspired by your ideas and propose a design for relaxation and harmonization purposes that will express everything you expect from it.

It will provide maximum comfort for you or your customers and will distinguish you from the competition. Together we will create something unique.