Interactive catalogue of works

and current offer of original paintings

Hana Antoninova

These presentation pages are a portfolio of original paintings by a contemporary artist who is not only a painter but also a musician. She creates original meditation-relaxation music for her paintings, where she uses her professional knowledge as a musicologist and many years of music therapy practice.

The interactive catalogue of her work is a comprehensive list of works of art that are presented on the catalogue page.

From some of the original paintings in the catalogue it is possible to have a high-quality digital photo reproduction made - in the size according to the client's wishes. Each reproduction is further modified by the author into the final form, thus becoming a unique work of art.

The catalogue is also a large systematic overview of the individual stages of the artist's development and also contains a detailed description of the effects of original therapeutic images for the treatment of color vibrations according to the methodology of Deep Harmonization.

All commissioned reproductions from this catalogue bear the quality mark: Designed by Hana Antoninova.